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Master of puppets


The story so far!

Paul Pigram

After leaving school, Paul intended to study for a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree. He began by attending an Art & Graphic Design Foundation Course, however his talent was spotted at the age of 17 by a leading Advertising Agency in Manchester. This led him into the creative world of Advertising & Marketing at an early age.

Paul is now a North Wales based artist, author and illustrator. He is the founder of ART North Wales, an associate partner of the Visual Artists Association and a proud member of the Punch and Judy Fellowship.

Paul's book ‘Beginning Pastel’ was published in the USA, the UK and Europe. The book is selling well across the Globe and has been translated into many different languages.

Paul's new series of paintings of Punch and Judy was launched in the UK at Manchester Art Fair in November 2023.

Mr Punch


Born in 1662

Mr. Punch’s influence on British culture is unparalleled. 

Punch historians take the puppet’s first appearance in England as May 9, 1662, the day that compulsive diarist Samuel Pepys caught an “Italian puppet play” in Covent Garden.


In honour of that connection, Covent Garden has remained the spiritual home of Punch and Judy ever since; it’s still home to the Punch and Judy Pub, the kind of place that tourists love.


In 2006, the Punch and Judy show was named one of 12 British icons right up there with a cup of tea and the double-decker bus. 

To celebrate his 350th birthday in 2012, Mr. Punch was treated to an entire year of parties and was the focus of a six-month-long exhibition about him at the famous Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood.

“I decided to produce this series of paintings to honour Mr Punch and keep this British icon alive so that he can continue entertaining future         generations of children for many years to come”.


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